SEGA continues its plan to bring japanese titles to the PC platform and this is a good thing!

A lot of japanese games in the past were only for the japanese market, then they started to get released in western markets, today we are living the explosion of japanese console only titles getting ported to PC more and more often.

SEGA is not new to PC games releases, although major japanese titles were often console only. During the current E3 it was announced that the Yakuza series will head really soon to the PC platform, starting from the 2015 prequel Yakuza 0 with a planned release date of 1st of August this year. It is still unknown when Yakuza Kiwami will be released but at least we have confirmation that it will someday.

Yakuza 0 PC version will offer an uncapped framerate, 4k support and other improvements and it will be released on Steam for $/€ 20 or your regional equivalent, down below you can watch the announcement trailer.