Bob Teabag Tournament - 2600 Homebrew (WIP)

I present to you "BOB TEABAG TOURNAMENT", a 4K arcade game (this may change in the future) in which you do a "teabagging" race against a second player or the AI. The game is currently mostly feature complete but I want to use it as a test bed to learn more advanced batari basic features so changes will probably happen, however it is already fully playable in real hardware without bugs or issues of some sort (thx vhcz for the advices).

The player(s) race the opponent by executing correctly a full teabag move (up, mid, down, mid, up, mid, down....), every 69 points (green score) you get a sequence point (cyan score), wins the player that first reach the winning amount of sequences (10 or 69 based of the color switch setting). The game also features a combo system so players can get 2x, 4x or 8x multiplier (big pink numbers) for each teabag but if you move incorrectly you will lose the combo. There's also a special combo bonus, POW!, which allows you to block the other player and make him lose his current combo.


Joystick: UP, FIRE, DOWN

Color switch: COLOR 69 sequences, BW 10 sequences (short play)

Difficulty switches:

  • BB two player mode
  • BA easy
  • AB medium
  • AA hard

"The FAQ"

Q: How did you come up with such meme idea of a game?
A: A friend of mine (BOB) was teabagging all bosses in Castlevania NES during a live stream, I said (joking) I was gonna make a 2600 game out of it, he and the audience challenged me to make it real so he could bring it live, 24H later the 1.4 was already out.

Download the current ROM for NTSC or PAL consoles at AtariAge

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