• The joystick moves the player ship
  • Fire button to shoot
  • Difficulty settings: BB = normal / 100k score limit, AB = hard / 150k score limit, BA = very hard / 200k score limit, AA = extreme  / 250k score limit
  • Color setting: B/W to enable autofire

Game rules:

  • You win the game by reaching the score limit based of the difficulty setting (100k/150k/200k/250k)
  • If you get too close to the Drone it will try to ram you and possibly destroy you in a second, move away quickly!
  • If you are being chased by the drone you will be unable to shoot but you will also be slightly faster
  • If your shield (bottom left bar) gets in half or less, an energy cell will appear orbiting the Drone, grab it for 1000 points extra and regenerate the current shield
  • If you lose a shield you will lose a ship's hull (bottom right bars), you can't get them back, lose all three and it is game over!

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